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Being Simple, Being Capable


Key features of our company

Mobile Applications

Simple mobile applications to solve your complex problems. Simplicity doesn’t mean compromising, we understand simplicity as an easy road to drive a difficult target.

Web Applications

Simple becomes more simplest here, as you get to meet more bigger world here. Either on your mobile or on your web we provide you the best solution not only to use but to fall in love with.

UI Development

UI is the best key to make the solution simplest. Tarushi never compromises in quality, we provide user-centered design approach to software development

Quality Test

Test Mile would engage in performing the load test, planning, designing and executions related to testing of the software. We at Tarushi, are just users like you for our own applications.

Solutions we made..

'Shop It' by Tarushi Software Solutions, is now a leading secret note taking mobile app for Mystery Shoppers and the World's first inconspicuous note taking mobile app.

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What we've done for people

Make a Receipt app allows you to generate a digital receipt for your customers. Replace your Paper Receipt with a similar type of digital receipt that is available at your Fingertips. Also you can SAVE/SHARE/PRINT your digital receipts with a simple tap.


"Shop It” - one of the top ranked applications on iTunes. “Shop It” World's first mystery note taking portable application, everything on the fly with the time stamped to the seconds which gives you the alternative to incorporate Photos, Videos, Voice notices, Time stamps, Location and everything you need for notes.


A secret camera like no other; covertly captures clips and photos (with their GPS coordinates) also with a real time camera drawing, allowing you to draw with your finger-tips and save your notations, so you can store any detailed information about the pic.



The ones who solves the problem


Saketh Ashvapuram

CEO & Founder

The founder of Tarushi and also a developer who blazingly fast thinks about providing smart apps to his customers.



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